IceNav™, developed and distributed by Fednav’s Ice Services, is an award-winning shipboard navigation system designed for vessels operating in ice-covered waters worldwide. It is a user-friendly system that allows the reception, display, manipulation, and sharing of ice information products. Additionally, the available enhanced marine radar allows for better ice detection.

Based on more than 25 years of experience at sea through the most challenging ice conditions that any vessel can face, the system’s latest release is at the cutting edge of ice navigation technology.



IceNav’s key features include
›     An intuitive and user-friendly interface
›     A multilayer view for concurrent use of multiple
      products and datasets
›     An available enhanced marine radar for navigation in ice


IceNav connects to the vessel’s communication network for efficient data transfer from shore to ship, or from ship to ship. The radar acquisition hardware connects to the vessel’s X-band radar to provide an enhanced image for better ice detection.

IceNav’s functions include
›     Display of ice charts from various sources and in different formats
      (including vector format)
›     Display and manipulation of satellite imagery
›     Route planning
›     Target tracking
›     Ice radar data recording and playback
›     Automated ice regime routing message, compatible with POLARIS and AIRSS


Fednav’s Ice Services has extensive experience supporting vessels during voyages in ice-covered waters. Through IceNav, we provide the latest available ice products (imagery, ice charts, and weather forecasts) to our ships daily based on their routing.