Fednav’s Shipowning and Technical Services oversees the technical management of Fednav’s owned fleet of more than 40 bulk carriers (including our Arctic fleet) to ensure that all vessels are maintained and operated in a safe and efficient manner.

Fednav Shipowning and Technical Services is responsible for the supervision of all shipowning-related activities. This includes day-to-day technical management, design development, shipyard negotiations, crew supervision, ship maintenance,  preparing cost estimates, approving new vessel plans, and setting and monitoring fleet-operating costs.

With an in-house team of engineers, naval architects and other marine specialists who oversee the design and construction of all new vessels, as well as all dry-docking work, Shipowning works closely with shipyards and Fednav’s third-party technical managers around the world to ensure that both new vessel design and day-to-day operations are carried out at the highest level. The Shipowning unit also works closely with Fednav’s Arctic Operations and Projects on icebreaker design and engineering, and on project planning and implementation.